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Advisory Board Learning® is about developing capable leaders in every organization. We work with leaders who are open to coaching and ongoing feedback from their team, colleagues and professional supporters - their personal "Advisory Board." We provide one-on-one coaching, group feedback sessions and technology that allows for continuous dialog between employees and leaders. We also support employees who feel that they are not heard by their leaders and organization. Advisory Board Learning® was developed at Harvard University and used by leaders since 2015.

the founder, author & ceo

Henry Moodie is a former Vice President and Chief of Staff of Executive Development at Citigroup’s Global Office of Learning & Development. He has over 20 years of business experience from small to large organizations, including two Fortune 100 Companies, (Citigroup and New York Life Insurance Company), as well as, startups, non-profits and government services with diplomatic status. He was recognized by the United States Government as an "Individual with Extraordinary Ability." In his tenure as Chief of Staff of Executive Development at Citigroup he was responsible for administering learning and development programs to over 300,000 employees, in over 100 countries. Henry is a graduate of Stanford University's Advanced Project Management Program (SCPM), pursued undergraduate studies at Harvard University (ALB), and a Masters in Business Administration at Edinburgh Business School (MBA). Henry developed his coaching methodology in 2014 and has coached a range of individuals from students at Harvard to senior business professionals - all crediting his methods to making a big difference in their personal and professional lives. Henry has been invited to speak on panels regarding medical-device innovation, workforce development and de-centralized, distributed systems. He is the author of "4 Days and 10 Steps to Greater Success...according to Science," as well as, creator of the predictive-analytics-based methodologies called, "3 Steps Coaching" and Advisory Board Learning®.

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Henry Moodie

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